Welcome ‘Integration with Sound’ to Miss Angie’s Place!

Join us for Sound Relaxation every Monday from 12-1pm at Miss Angie’s Place in Pine Island.

Meet Natalie Jo Baker (Rinchen)

Owner of Integration with Sound Meditation Center and ForeverWell Coordinator for YMCA of the North.

Over the past 15 years, Natalie has studied subtle body relaxation and healing techniques. She is currently working with grant funding to provide sound meditation to the 55+ population in rural Minnesota.

Used at a frequency of 528 Hz, Sounds Bowls are thought to support DNA Repair, memory care and stress reduction.

In Natalie’s own words…

“528 hz frequency is often called the ‘love frequency’ because it draws a certain kind of deep-rooted natural relationship with the physical world. This frequency is found in almost everything, ranging from human DNA, rainbows 🌈 to chlorophyll. This is among the frequencies with proven health benefits and mathematical significance.”

Join us every Monday from 12-1pm for a healing session of Sound Relaxation. The sessions are free and donations are accepted at Miss Angie’s Place.

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