Seeking a Fiscal Sponsor

From Left to Right: Ruby, Angie, Pearl, Ivory and Jade

Good Morning Friends,

Miss Angie here…I just had a conversation with a lovely neighbor and the all-to-often question came up…”So what do you actually DO at Miss Angie’s Place? What’s it all about?”

After sharing with our neighbor the mission of Miss Angie’s Place and the current/future programming we do and will provide, the all-to-common comment came up…”That sounds like a non-profit!”

Hence the conundrum. What we DO here and what our MISSION statement focuses on are both very non-profit. However, after speaking with a few experts in the world of non-profits, a charitable entity is just not the right fit at this time.

Therefore, good friends of Miss Angie’s, I ask of you two things…
1) Please take a good look at our website; what we stand for, what we provide, what we hope to provide, and how we are making an impact in the Pine Island and surrounding communities.

2) Please send my way any ideas of charitable organizations you think may be a good fit as a Fiscal Sponsor for Miss Angie’s Place. For more information on fiscal sponsorship and what it’s all about, please visit this website:

Thanks so much for your time. Have a wonderful weekend,

Miss Angie Severson


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