Rediscover the Joy of Eating – An Introduction to Intuitive Eating

Say goodbye to the restriction and food rules of diet culture and get back to the joy of eating. Join Tracy as she introduces Intuitive Eating, a self-care eating framework that takes you on a journey of curiosity and discovery to help you reconnect with the inner wisdom you were born with. Research shows that intuitive eaters have higher self-esteem, variety of foods eaten, pleasure from eating, life satisfaction and HDL cholesterol. Intuitive eaters have also been shown to have lower triglycerides, blood pressure, binge eating and emotional eating. Heal your relationship with food, mind and body and reclaim your life.

When: Saturday, Oct 16th, 9am-11:30am (9-10am: Walk led by Miss Angie, 10-11:30am Presentation on Intuitive Eating by Tracy) Optional lunch at 11:30am.

Who: Anyone ages 16+

Cost: $35/person

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Tracy Bjerke, RDN, LD, is a registered dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor helping people cultivate a healthy relationship with food, mind and body. She earned her bachelor’s degree in dietetics from Minnesota State University–Mankato, followed by a Dietetic Internship at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. She has been serving, educating and helping members of southern Minnesota communities as a registered dietitian for the past eight years. She is the owner of Bjerke Nutrition and Wellness, LLC whose mission is to help clients heal their relationship with food, find freedom from diet culture and get back to the joy of eating using weight-inclusive, anti-diet approaches to nutrition counseling.