Introducing…Women Crushing Miles!

A new running group coming to the Pine Island area in late March of 2022.

Meet Stephanie Raj

Stephanie is the creator of a new running group in the Pine Island area, Women Crushing Miles.
As a new resident to Pine Island, the idea came to Stephanie as she searched for local women to run with. Not finding exactly what she was looking for, Stephanie decided to create her own!

Women Crushing Miles is a running group whose purpose is to connect, encourage and uplift other women through running regardless of age, shape or pace.

In Stephanie’s own words…

I’ve been running since 2020, all of which has been for my own mental and physical health. I started running originally to lose weight but then fell in love with it and it has become so much more to me!
I love encouraging others to run regardless of age, body size, pace or distance (I’m not the fastest out there). I’m a mom of 3 and am on a mission to inspire other women and moms to love their bodies. We are BEAUTIFUL. STRONG. And CAPABLE of AMAZING things!”

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Visit Stephanie’s blog to learn more about her running journey.